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Church Service Schedule




Sunday 8:00am English Service

Sunday 10:00am Sunday School
Sunday 11:30am French & Haitian Creole Service
Sunday 4:00pm Radio Ministry «Rock of Ages » (Echo Evangelique)
Sunday 5:00pm Young Adults Meeting
Sunday 7:00pm Evangelization Service
Monday 6:00pm Good Samaritan Prayer Group
Tuesday 9:00am Family Fasting Prayer
Wednesday 7:00pm Bible Study
Wednesday 8:00pm Radio Ministry «Rock of Ages » (Echo Evangelique)
Thursday 9:00am 1020 Harvard Street Fasting Prayer
Thursday 7:00pm Ladies Ministry Home Visits
Friday 7:00pm Family Training Hour & Prayer
Friday 9:30pm Watch Night Prayer
Saturday 9:00am Fasting Prayer
Saturday 8:30pm Radio Ministry «Rock of Ages » (WEZE 590)

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